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Past Exhibitions

2021: In/break


After a year of confinement and restriction, the spring 2021 exhibition will explore themes related to in/break — “a breaking in: inroad, invasion, incursion.” This kind of breaking is both creative and destructive: a shattering of expectations and limitations, a crack in the prison wall, an interruption to a deadly cycle, an intrusion of hope. Throughout the exhibition, we will curate and share fresh works of art that include visual, literary, theatrical, and musical offerings, as well as other innovative, hybridised art forms developed especially for the digital space. Don’t miss out!  See our schedule of live events including performances and opportunities to hear from St Andrews theologians and artists.

2020: Time and Again


‘Time and Again’ is a multidisciplinary arts exhibition created by students and artists associated with Transept, the student-led artists’ group within the Institute of Theology, Imagination and the Arts at the University of St Andrews. It explores the themes of Time and Cyclical Time from many perspectives, in many mediums and through the lens of faith. New artwork will be added daily from 9th through the 23rd of April. This exhibition was originally planned to be shown at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in St Andrews from the 3rd through the 8th of April, 2020. However, we hope that this digital format ‘for such a time as this’ (Esther 4.14) will help us reach a wider audience by connecting us virtually through art in this time of crisis and isolation.

2019: Space(  )Between

In liturgical time, Holy Saturday is a day of waiting, spiritual uncertainty, and liminality. To explore the theological and spiritual resonances of the Easter season, Transept brought together ITIA art-makers, local artists, and friends and family of St Mary’s to consider such ‘space( )between.’ This event took place across numerous venues in St Andrews, including Holy Trinity church, St Leonard’s Chapel, and St Mary’s Quad. The exhibition was as varied in form as it was in location: visual art, drama, music, poetry, and creative installations comprised a multitude of (sometimes very personal) theological reflections on the theme of ‘in-betweenness.’

2018: After the Call

ITIA artists invite you to examine with them what happens after the call. ‘After the Call’ offers space and time for celebration and reflection around the notion of being called unexpectedly to something unknown, or perhaps to something all-too-familiar that we suddenly realise.

2017: The World ‘behind’ and ‘in front of’ the Work

“The World ‘behind’ and ‘in front of’ the Work” combines ideas drawn from the writings of Richard Viladesau, who suggests that attitudes and ways of seeing enter an artist’s work and “contain clues as to the ultimate concerns of the artist and/or his age,” and Paul Ricoeur, who argues that works of art can explore and open up new ways of being in the world.

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