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2023 'Enfolding' Gallery

About the Exhibition

Opening Event: Friday, 14 April at 7:30pm
Gallery Hours: 15 April to 23 April from 10am to 4pm
Location: St Andrews Episcopal Church, St Andrews

Special Performances:
‘Enfolding Our Stories: an afternoon of Playback Theatre' on Saturday 15 April at 2pm
‘Enfolding Sounds' on Monday 17 April at 7pm

In this exhibition, we are curious–as both artists and theologians–about the possibilities to renegotiate and shift centres of power, privilege, and influence; to enfold the centres and the margins, foster stronger connection, and erase dividing lines that separate people into those who are ‘in' and those who are ‘out'.

Melody Bellefeuille-Frost: Exhibition lead

Shelby Scattergood: Curation lead

A very special thank you to St Andrews Episcopal Church for providing the space for this exhibition.

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